Why Play ONE Blackjack

ONE Blackjack is a Pragmatic Play blackjack game variation where only one hand is dealt for all participating players, allowing them to collectively hit, stand, split, and double down. In this game, players won’t need to be concerned with other players making stupid decisions unless when they carelessly hit and allow the dealer to have a better hand than the player.

Why play ONE Blackjack

Compared to other live blackjack tables, ONE Blackjack and other games with similar gameplay rules are great blackjack games for many different players. The reasons are the following:

ONE Blackjack is Perfect for Practicing Card Counting

Basic Strategy is the foundation of all successful blackjack strategies and practicing it is essential to allow players to consistently win. Once players have mastered Basic Strategy, it’s time to practice card counting and using ONE Blackjack for this makes things easier.

ONE Blackjack gameplay

What makes card counting difficult is the fact that there are a large number of cards at play in one standard blackjack round. Most live casino blackjack tables seat a maximum of seven live players who are dealt at least two cards each. Keeping track of the running and true count from at least 16 cards from different players can be a daunting task for beginners and ONE Blackjack makes things easier by cutting down on the numbers.

Easier to Analyze Other Players’ Moves

ONE Blackjack player hand 20

Because ONE Blackjack features only one player hand, all the different players will be playing the same hand and typically make different plays according to their skill level. If players are still struggling with Basic Strategy, they can analyze how other players play their hands and learn accordingly. This is especially true in this game since there’s no reason for players to compete against each other to get the better hand and win, unlike in Speed Blackjack,

Less Chance of Sabotages in ONE Blackjack

Let’s call other players’ dumb plays “sabotages.” We can call them that because these same dumb moves tend to help the dealer get a better hand than the other players, like a player busting with a 10 after hitting when instead the dealer would have busted. These players are often the bane of several professional blackjack players who have strong hands that should have won and instead lost because the dealer got a 21 all thanks to another player playing badly.

Waiting on one player in ONE Blackjack

In ONE Blackjack, players get paid out according to their last moves and any sabotages will be reserved at the final stages of a round. This is because one player will typically be twiddling their thumbs when they’re the last player to make a decision and then hit when they should stand. Because these plays are so bad, some players accuse the casino of having an insider specifically play bad moves to help the dealer win.

The main reason why we recommend ONE Blackjack is because players will only have to worry about bad players playing badly one time instead of multiple bad players in one table playing badly with each of their hands and allowing the dealer to win. Even though there’s no concrete evidence that other players will sabotage games, there are still many gamblers who believe this to be true and blame others for their losses. ONE Blackjack will be perfect games for them.

Better Anonymity

Players will already be anonymous when playing in live online casinos, but soft players who can’t take insults might get disheartened when other players call them out in the live chat. Although rare, some players might still harass other players online due to bad plays since all players’ usernames are displayed in standard tables. ONE Blackjack has no room for this feature though since there can be hundreds of players at a time playing one hand.

240 players in ONE Blackjack

Beginners who do play badly won’t have a chance to get called out on with their usernames because there’s no way for others to know which player did what. New players won’t need to get scared or intimated by other players.


ONE Blackjack is an excellent live online blackjack game where players can practice their playstyles and see fewer cards at play. This game is also more anonymous compared to other live blackjack games since no names are displayed on the table and any participants are only known thanks to the live chat and to winner announcements.

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