Pros and Cons of Sexy Baccarat

Sexy Baccarat is a live baccarat game offered by AE Sexy. AE Sexy is a popular gaming provider for Southeast Asian casinos, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippine casinos. The sexy baccarat game is part of AE Sexy’s lineup of live casino games which include Dragon Tiger, Sedie, Dice, Roulette, and Baccarat.

Pros and cons of Sexy Baccarat

Sexy Baccarat generally follows the same rules as standard baccarat games with the most notable difference being the toggle switch that allows players to change to the no commission game mode. Both standard baccarat and no commission baccarat have their own advantages that make them attractive games and discussing Sexy Baccarat will naturally tackle them too.

Pros of Playing Sexy Baccarat

Playing AE Sexy’s baccarat games has several advantages to the player. Some of these are strictly gameplay-related while others are more entertainment-focused.

Choose from Standard and No Commission

No Commission Baccarat

Players will be able to choose from playing the standard baccarat game with standard baccarat rules or to play the No Commission game mode. The difference between the two is that the Banker bet in No Commission does not charge a 5% commission, hence the name. The only downside with No Commission is that the Banker Bet pays out 0.5:1 when it wins with a 6.

Standard baccarat is generally fine for most bettors, even if it charges a commission every time it wins. However, some bettors might like having to pay no commission at all and even back their bets by placing a Super 6 bet that pays out when the Banker Bet wins with a 6. Having the choice between these two game modes at a tap of the toggle switch makes Sexy Baccarat an extremely flexible baccarat game.

More Side Bets

Sexy French dealer

Sexy Baccarat features a few additional side bets that are absent from standard Evolution Gaming baccarat tables. These bets are the Big and Small side bets that win depending on the value of the winning hand. The winning conditions are the following:

  • Big = Pays out 1:0.5 when the winning hand wins with a value of 5 or above.
  • Small = Pays out 1:1.5 when the winning hand wins with a value of 4 or below.

The payout for Big is lower since this outcome is more common than Small. Small pays out more due to how uncommon they are.

See Hot and Sexy Dealers

The main appeal of Sexy Baccarat is that players will have access to baccarat tables with plenty of hot dealers wearing skimpy clothing. There are even beautiful Asian dealers that aren’t wearing bikinis but are steal extremely beautiful, especially with their pretty Korean eyes.

Sexy Korean dealer

Playing live baccarat is far better when the dealers are attractive. It isn’t really exciting to play when you can only look at a man dealing the cards instead of pretty girls.

Cons of Playing Sexy Baccarat

While Sexy Baccarat is starting to look like a very appealing game, it still has its fair share of disadvantages. These are the following:

High Minimum Bets

The lowest minimum bet in Lodibet baccarat games is 10 PHP at Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming’s minimum bet is 50 PHP. While Evolution’s tables are already high, AE Sexy’s baccarat games have even higher minimum bets which are at 100 PHP per bet.

Sexy baccarat

AE Sexy’s Sexy Baccarat is pretty expensive to play and many gamblers can easily lose money when they get unlucky here.

Distracting Sexy Dealers

The fact that the dealers are hot and sexy and are generally wearing bikinis can be a detriment for some players. One reason why is that they can be too distracting, prompting players to stay and play more games instead of quitting while they’re ahead or losing more money than they can afford.

Two Korean dealers

Even if baccarat is fairly easy to win in, players must be able to control themselves to take home large winnings and to limit losses incurred. Getting distracted from this either through getting addicted from gaming or getting distracted by hot girls will be bad for the player in the long run.


Sexy Baccarat by AE Sexy is an attractive casino game to play, even though it can be a distracting game that aims to squeeze a player’s funds dry. Players should consider only playing this if they have a surplus of funds so that they can enjoy their time in the platform without getting upset after losing a lot from unlucky rounds.

An alternative Sexy Baccarat game is available through Dream Gaming which offers the same bets except with a lower minimum bet. Players can settle for this if they want to but the number of tables will be limited and there might not be any cute Korean, Thai, or Vietnamese dealers there. Both gaming providers are accessible through Lodibet.

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