Why Play No Commission Baccarat at Lodibet?

Why Play No Commission Baccarat

No Commission Baccarat is a baccarat game variation that works similarly to classic baccarat games, except that winning Banker Bets pay even money and don’t charge a commission, except when the Banker wins with a 6. Basically, playing No Commission is just the same as that of classic tables and the fact that the most notable difference in baccarat rules is merely the payout.

We’ll dive into why players like you should consider playing No Commission when playing at Lodibet.

Even Money Banker Bets

As mentioned above, the Banker Bet essentially becomes an even money bet. The Banker Bet normally charges a 5% commission since it has the lowest house edge thanks to the third card drawing rules basically being tailored in their advantage. The Banker hand only gets a third card when their hand is weak and stand when their hands are already strong enough against the Player’s.

No Commission banker win

Because Banker Bet becomes even money, players can win more money when using the One-Sided betting strategy on it. The only disadvantage is when the Banker wins with a 6 and the payout becomes 1:2 or a 50% commission is charged. Still, the chances of this happening consistently shouldn’t be that common and there should be more Banker wins with any other number.

Availability of Super 6 Side Bet

Because Banker Bet charges a 50%, most No Commission tables introduce the Super 6 side bet to allow bettors to win even more money when the Banker wins with a 6. This side bet typically pays 12:1 so even if the standard Banker bet pays out less, players can still win more through Super 6.

The only problem with this bet is that the likelihood of winning this side bet is low and bettors will be risking more money when constantly placing a bet here. They can mitigate this by betting more than one unit on the Banker bet to cover the cost of a bet on Super 6.

Easy Access to No Commission Baccarat from Classic Baccarat

No Commission Baccarat

Playing AE Sexy’s No Commission Baccarat requires players to first access the classic game mode then switch to No Commission through a switch. Players who want to switch from classic to zero commission won’t have to go back to the lobby to pick another table. PLUS, players can play with the same dealer instead of switching to a different table with a dealer that may not be as cute as the one the player is currently playing with.

Better Game for Strategies

Most baccarat strategies and betting systems focus on sticking with the Banker Bet thanks to its inherent advantage over the Player Bet. The fact that the Banker Bet becomes even money makes the winning amounts more consistent even when coming to and from the Player Bet.

SA Gaming No Commission Baccarat

Using Martingale, Anti-Martingale, and other betting systems will allow players to either make more money or have a better chance to get back their losses, depending on the progression of the system, when playing No Commission.


No Commission Baccarat in live online casinos, especially AE Sexy’s tables, allows players to win even money when winning with Banker bets. The risk is fairly minimal as the payout is reduced when Banker wins with 6. When players play at a table where they have the choice to switch from classic to No Commission, they won’t have to worry about any particular rule changes that can negatively affect gameplay.

Try out No Commission Baccarat at Lodibet today! You can choose from Evolution Gaming, AE Sexy, Pragmatic Play, SA Gaming, and Dream Gaming to play this baccarat game.

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